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Welcome to It's a SHOW TIME - AAA Community!

This community is created to share our love for AAA by providing downloadable links of their concerts, live performances, music videos, movies/dramas, singles/albums, and stuff. We do not, in any way, make profit using these files. So you better not do as well.

We accept requests via and post updates via Facebook and Tumblr
How to join: Please click the A-panda on the sidebar & fill out the form. ♥ 

Don't worry, you will not wait too long as we are regularly online. However, if you forgot even one of these four steps, we won't approve your request.

For further inquiries, message one of the admins:

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Thank you for your interest and let us attack all around!

Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-02-01 01:13 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hima
Hello~ My name is Citra and I'm turning 20 this year! I'm Indonesian but I'm currently residing in Manchester and that is why I'm so upset that I can't come to their concert in April because I will be stuck in the UK doing my uni assignments ;A;
I became a fan of AAA because of this vine video where the viner is using AAA's 恋音と雨空 as the BGM. I watched the pv on YT and I became a fan instantly. The first person who caught my attention was Shuuta but the more I watched AAA videos, the more i fall in love with Chiaki. She is so lovely and I've read how in the beginning she was struggling and was insecure about her position as a member but she overcame so much and have grown so much, that made me love her even more <3 But, of course i love the other members as well. They are amazing! :)
I have twitter, instagram and tumblr accounts with citrarst as the username :)

Re: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-02-01 02:37 am (UTC)
daiji_na_koto: (nishidakaicon)
From: [personal profile] daiji_na_koto
Thank you so much for your comment, welcome to SHOW TIME community!
We hope you enjoy your stay, and don't forget to tell us if you're liking (or not :P) our community by leaving a comment in our posts!!
It's really good to meet more AAA fans ! ♥
Thank you! ^^

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This community is created to share our love for AAA by providing downloadable 
links of their concerts, live performances, music videos, movies/dramas, singles/albums, and stuff.
We are in no way affiliated with Attack All Around (AAA), Avex, or anyone related to them.
The files available on our community are provided for personal use only.
We don't own anything. We do not, in any way, make profit using these files. 
So you better not do as well. 

We're just doing it because we know there are some people 
who don't have enough to buy their stuff.
But if you have, please support AAA by buying their official stuff.

Thank you!

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