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This community is created to share our love for AAA by providing downloadable 
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[personal profile] kiki_chao2016-09-03 04:47 pm


 Hi All my friend was create new community for Misako
please join this community to view misako news, photo, and more
thanks and sorry for posting somethings is not for AAA

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[personal profile] nissyjima2015-09-20 03:18 pm
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STORY - Fanmade MV

Hi, my name is Paul Maldonado and this is my first publication here. I would like to share my fanmade Music Video of the full version of STORY, I worked very hard on it and made with love, hope you enjoy. ^-^

Fanmade link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLZMqXoQf1k&spfreload=10

In the future I'll post some DVDs here, not in ISO, but the original files contained within the DVDs (with the original menu and all).

[Oricon Article Translation] AAA Talks About The Mutual “Bond” and “Love” Between Members

This is quite dated (from last year in 2014 when AAA released their Love single), but it’s pretty interesting, so I decided to translate it.
Oh btw whenever you see “Love” in inverted commas, it’s when they are actually using the word in English, and not using the Japanese counterpart, 愛. If it’s without the inverted commas, it means they were using 愛.
Anyway, enjoy!

Original article here: http://www.oricon.co.jp/special/958/

The 39th single, “Love” is a splendid ballad tune used for the Japanese Red Cross 20th Blood Donation Campaign. As they have been together for almost 10 years now, the AAA members are able spin out their story, and leave a deep impression with this heartwarming melody line.

An interview was conducted with three of the members – Nishijima Takahiro, Atae Shinjiro, and Sueyoshi Shuta.

After years of being together, we understand each other, so we cover for each other.

Read more... )
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AAA Ito Chiaki’s Confession Kizuna Gasshuku 2013 Subbed

So a bit of background, this is the last part of Chiaki’s confession in a segment in their Youtube show, Kizuna Gasshuku in 2013 where she had to talk about which member has made her heart flutter. In previous videos, she had said it was an easy question as her heart skipped a beat with pretty much all the guys in the group before. But from 1:23 onwards, she shares about her most memorable, most real experience! Which one of the AAA guys is it? Enjoy! P.S. I might consider subbing some other Kizuna Gasshuku vids, well if I feel up to it! :)

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AAA - Lil Infinity PV Romaji & Eng Sub

I'm still very new to subbing, but I attempted subbing the Lil Infinity PV.

AAA Lil Infinity PV Romaji & Eng Sub
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Welcome to It's a SHOW TIME - AAA Community!

This community is created to share our love for AAA by providing downloadable links of their concerts, live performances, music videos, movies/dramas, singles/albums, and stuff. We do not, in any way, make profit using these files. So you better not do as well.

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